Educational Classes

Combining Birthing From Within, Whole Body Pregnancy, & Pro-Doula methodologies; our birthing classes focus on assisting the parent(s) in recognizing the many ways in which we gather information and understanding. We will explore how learning reaches far beyond what is in our head, there is an innate knowing which is often called our intuition. We work with birth from the birther, partner, infant, and cultural perspective exploring tools that parents already have but may not recognize within themselves. The topics include a look into labor support, working through unexpected circumstances, bodywork and nutrition in pregnancy, decision making when you don’t know what to do, pain coping, storytelling, and much more. 

 Why Should I Take A Birthing Class? 

Whether you're delivering your first child or fifth, childbirth classes can help you prepare to meet the challenges of labor and delivery.

  • Learn things you never knew about labor, delivery, and postpartum care.

  • Address your fears. During childbirth classes, you'll have the chance to talk about your fears with others who probably share the same concerns. Research suggests that people who take childbirth classes are less likely to have psychological distress.

  • Connect with your partner or labor supporter. Childbirth classes offer those on your labor team the chance to understand childbirth, too — as well as learn how to support you during labor.

  • Discuss options for handling pain. You'll practice methods such as breathing techniques, relaxation, and visualization for coping with contractions. Learn about common medications, such as epidural blocks.

  • Get the basics on medical interventions and possible complications. Find out how routine interventions can influence the course of labor.

  • Brush up on newborn care, such as choosing a pediatrician, breastfeeding, diapering, and bathing.

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Group & Private Classes Available

Childbirth Classes

Private Classes Available

In this method of childbirth preparation we will center YOU, the birthing family, and guide you to gain just enough medical information along with a deeper level of awareness and connection to yourself, your birth partner/s, and your baby.


This class focuses on birth as a transformative event that can not be planned. We welcome people birthing in all locations, including home, hospital, or free-standing birth centers.


Each step of the way there is time to SLOW DOWN and reflect on exactly what is important to your family! We are excited to have you join us as you explore your own wisdom, compassion, and strength while filling the information gaps so that you feel READY to birth and care for your baby!

If you want to feel ready for birth:

  • Learn all the things about birth you didn’t know you needed to know!

  • Gain an understanding of the stages of labor and early postpartum.

  • Practice comfort measures, labor positions, and partner touch and support.

  • Build mindfulness techniques to cope with discomfort and stress.

  • Understand when interventions can help birth and how stay grounded if birth looks different than you had hoped.

  • Use your worry and fear to help guide your self-advocacy.

Current Offerings:

1-3hr Workshops

2-day (2hrs each) Workshop

3-day (2 hrs each) Workshop

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and concerns all of our classes are currently being offered virtually 

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Infant Care Classes

Private Classes Available

This parenting and relationship workshop will help you and your partner feel more love and less stress as you move through the early years of parenting. 

Your romance will be rejuvenated. You will spend two-days with the person you love, building tools for a lasting friendship, equality in parenting, and meaningful problem solving. Don't let the name fool you. This workshop is for anyone pregnant or parenting a human under the age of 3.

The Bringing Baby Home workshop is based 40+ years of relationship research​ from The Gottman Institute.

You and your partner will learn simple ways to:​

  • Keep your relationship the priority.

  • Transform fights into connection.

  • Set up your new family for healthy bonding long after the birth.

  • New ways to communicate with love and respect when stressed.

Thresholds has been offering Bringing Baby Home workshops since 2008, and we see the struggles that new families face in our changing world. Bringing a baby home is life changing and can have a huge impact on your relationship. In fact, the majority of couples report a signifiant dip in relationship satisfaction within one year after they welcome a baby. Yikes. No one wants that!

Parenting is a wonderful and hard adjustment, and fighting with each other makes everything worse!

Each class will give you and your partner relationship tools and time to practice so that you can face life as a supportive team.

The classes are small groups and are offered online where you can be in the comfort of your own home. Babies are always welcome!

Don't miss this opportunity to learn researched based strategies to improve your relationship.

Current Offerings:

1 hour Workshop

2 hour Workshop

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and concerns all of our classes are currently being offered virtually 

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Refresher Childbirth Class

Private Classes Available

Our childbirth refresher class is a time to connect with your new little one, as you prepare to journey through labor again. Often time has passed since you last ventured through birth, so a refresher course allows you to reconnect with that knowledge while honoring that you are in a different space than you were before.  

The goal of this class is to help you 'gather a basket' full of pain-coping practices, comfort measures, and new ways of looking at your journey through labor, birth, and parenting. Utilizing skills and techniques from a variety of birthing philosophies, we embrace the reality that birth every birth is unique and that all people involved in the process should have the tools needed to enhance their journey.

You and your partner will learn ways to:​

  • Cope with pain during labor, including VBAC births.

  • Keep your relationship the priority even with a newborn baby.

  • Connect with your new baby (in utero) and prepare for life with two (or more!)

  • Strategies for sibling preparation and a smooth transition.

  • Set up your new family for healthy bonding after birth.

Current Offerings:

1 hour Workshop

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and concerns all of our classes are currently being offered virtually