Why This Work And Why Now

I am often asked why I have chosen to work with pregnant individuals in a capacity outside of the 'professional hospital' setting. This answer has taken many years and different forms.

After years of testing the waters in various forms of clinical work both in and out of a traditional setting, I finally realized I was still missing something, my 'calling' if you will. I have always know I wanted to work with pregnant individuals and their infants in one capacity or another. I became a mother at the ripe old age of 20, it was a lonely and often highly criticized experience. After having a second child, solo parenting, and attempting to follow a path that 'was the right thing to do', I found myself left wanting.

Through some soul searching, I realized that my dream of helping others did not have to be confined to being an RN, Midwife, or other clinical professional to participate. Birthing classes, lactation work, and postpartum support are all services that are needed. Raising my children did not have to be an either or while I completed more hours of on campus work while also attending to my passion projects. The desire to assist others in experiencing an inclusive, personalized, initiated, and low trauma prenatal, pregnancy, and postpartum was were I felt called. Advocacy, education, and support are all the areas often lacking during pregnancy journeys. The call to bridge the gaps between accessibility and quality is how I landed where I am today.

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