Pregnancy & Postpartum Support


Issues with vision during pregnancy are common and usually temporary.

Your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. Some of these variations in fluid levels and blood volume can create changes in your vision and eyes.

Mama Natural Pregnancy Affirmation Cards

Many mamas walk into birth fearing the pain, the interventions, the unknown. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Pregnancy and childbirth can be peaceful… even enjoyable!

The 50 cards in this deck will inspire, comfort, and empower you along your pregnancy journey. Each card features a gorgeous scene and affirmation, along with an encouraging message from me, Genevieve Howland.

You are stronger & more powerful than you know. Let these cards serve as your daily reminder!

A handful of these cards mention God or a higher power 🙏🏼

My faith was important to me during my pregnancies and deliveries, and I mention God or a higher power on the back of five cards in this deck. I crafted the mentions to be accessible for people of most faiths, and I've pasted those mentions below FYI.

…God is with you and for you…
…Know that God is on your side…
…When we connect with our Creator, we are renewed…
…You are loved and supported by God and Life itself…
…You will never be more connected to God and Life itself…

Card details

  • Cards are 3.75" x 5.5" (95mm x 140mm), which is much larger than a standard deck of cards

  • Printed on thick, 350 gsm paper

  • The box is super sturdy 1200 gsm board

  • Written by Genevieve Howland, aka Mama Natural

  • Illustrated by the amazing Claudia Schoen

The Birth Deck by Sara Lyon: 50 Ways to Comfort a Woman in Labor

The Birth Deck is a simple, powerful childbirth education tool and the perfect gender reveal or baby shower gift. This beautiful deck of cards simply describes 50 ways to effectively comfort a woman in labor, one card at a time. Each card has an illustration of the technique on the front and very clear instructions on the back for easy use by absolutely anyone, no birth experience necessary. The Birth Deck's techniques include: massage, hypnosis, affirmations, visualizations, labor positions and more. Add The Birth Deck to your baby registry now!

The First-Time Mom's Pregnancy Journal

Capture the joy of pregnancy with your own keepsake journal

Your first pregnancy is an exciting time filled with moments and milestones you’ll want to remember forever. The First-Time Mom's Pregnancy Journal will help you record every precious memory as you prepare for the arrival of your little one. From finding out you’re pregnant to the moment you hold your newborn for the first time, this pregnancy journal for first-time moms guides you in chronicling and celebrating your pregnancy journey through:

  • Inspiring quotes and supportive journaling prompts

  • Trimester-by-trimester checklists

  • Space to plan your nursery and brainstorm baby names

  • Scrapbook pages for sonograms, belly photos, and more

  • Appointment tracker and organization tools

Plus, you’ll find prenatal size charts along with tips and suggestions for managing your symptoms throughout this pregnancy journal.

Start telling your pregnancy story today and create a baby journal you’ll always treasure with The First-Time Mom's Pregnancy Journal.

My Pregnancy Journal, Pregnancy Book

This is your item description. Use this space to add Pearhead's pregnancy journal is the perfect way to track your entire pregnancy journey; from the moment you found out you were pregnant to the moment your little one arrives! 'My pregnancy journal' is printed in black on the front of this white journal. Hearts are gold foil stamped and an 'xoxo' pattern is also printed in black and gold on the front and back of the journal adding a fun, modern touch. The journal is made from a PU material cover which makes it feel like faux leather. Add your baby's 4" x 5" sonogram picture for that finishing touch!a description of the services, products, team members or any other items you want to highlight on your site. Have a lot to say? Easily turn any item into a full page by clicking ‘Create a page from this item’ in the edit panel.

Trideer Extra Thick Yoga Ball Exercise Ball, 5 Sizes Ball Chair, Heavy Duty Swiss Ball for Balance

Our exercise ball is made with the honey comb structure which makes it deflate slowly and burst resistant if punctured, thus reducing the risks of injury due to falls to the ground and offering you the most caring protection like your endearing mom’s!

INPANY Peanut Ball - Anti Burst Exercise Ball for Labor Birthing, Physical Therapy for Kids, Core Strength, Home & Gym Fintness

Peanut shaped Ball help Moms faster bring Babies down during their Labor Birthing Progress. Used to improve posture, loose weight and increase core strength. If punctured, the anti burst material protect the ball from bursting violently, exactly safe, durable and long life. Our peanut ball offers greater stability by limiting movement to forward and backward, The Center cradle for maximum comfort and support